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Camp Staff

Doug McClure

At ALL TPU Camps

Doug is the supervisor of umpires for Triple Play Umpires and started TPU to help umpires advance in their knowledge and skill.  Doug is currently an umpire in the Southland Conference and SWAC along with the conferences he oversees.  He has multiple World Series in the NAIA, DII and NJCAA.

His goal is to help each umpire achieve their goals in their career.

Marvin Hudson MLB #51

Cleburne Camp

Marvin Lee Hudson (born March 3, 1964) is a Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire who began his career in the National League in 1999. He has officiated in the 2004 All-Star Game, six Division Series (2005, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016), the 2014 American League Championship Series, and the 2016 World Series. He wears uniform number 51.

Prior to reaching the Major Leagues, Hudson served as an umpire in several minor leagues, beginning with the Appalachian League in 1992. From there, he moved on to the South Atlantic League for the following year, during which he also spent time in the Florida Instructional League. After umpiring for the Florida State League in 1994, Hudson moved on to the Southern League in 1995 and 96. He also officiated for the Hawaiian Winter League in 1995. After advancing all the way to the International League, where he umpired from 1997-1999, Hudson was promoted to the Major Leagues in 1999.

Hudson has also officiated the World Baseball Classic in 2009 and 2013. MLB assigned him to the Legend Series at Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City, Panama from March 15–16, 2014.

Enid Camp Staff

Cleburne Camp Staff

Current TPU Instructors

  • Doug McClure
  • Marvin Hudson
  • Jordan Baker
  • Chris Booker… TPU STUDENT
  • Javier Cantu… A…TPU STUDENT
  • Brian Chinn
  • Brad Clark…TPU STUDENT
  • Ned Davenport… TPU STUDENT
  • Michael Dorantes
  • Drew Eaton…TPU STUDENT
  • Clint Fagan
  • Blake Felix
  • Kyle Glasscock..TPU STUDENT
  • Patrick Griffin
  • Mark Huesman
  • Steve Janes…TPU STUDENT
  • Jerry Johnson
  • Ken Langford
  • Courtney Lowrance..TPU STUDENT
  • Ethan McCraney…TPU STUDENT
  • Brandon Misun…AAA
  • Clay Park
  • Mike Pierce…TPU STUDENT
  • Bill Powell… TPU STUDENT
  • Kyle Stutz… TPU STUDENT
  • Kyle Wallace…TPU STUDENT
  • Cody Whitehead..TPU STUDENT
  • Jason Whitehead…TPU STUDENT

Past TPU Instructors

  • Bob Homolka NCAA WS D1
  • Tim Henderson NCAA WS D1
  • Andy Eaves NCAA WS D1
  • Darrin Sealy NCAA WS D1 (3) ALSO WS AA
  • Lance Barrett..MLB
  • Wes Hamilton…AAA
  • John Brammer..AAA.TPU STUDENT
  • Todd Waters….AA
  • Jason Stein….AA
  • Nick Bailey…AAA
  • Tracy Roles…NCAA D2 WS; NAIA WS; NJCAA WS
  • Phil Henry…A … TPU STUDENT
  • Justin Sassman…A..TPU STUDENT
  • Mitch Morgan…A
  • Tiny Vincent
  • Ralph Minard
  • Terry Harrison
  • Barry Eckstein
  • Brian Burdick